Am I the problem?

I've had to ask myself that question a few times in my life. Have you ever thought the world was conspiring against you?

I’ve been there, pissed off at everyone and everything. I thought the world was against me. Every turn, someone would try to rile me, get the best of me, and beat me down.

One of the single more transformative days in my life was when I realized that I was the problem.

No one was out to get me. No one was trying to beat me. The truth is, it is self-centered and selfish to think that anyone else cares about you that much.

I tried to battle everyone and everything to prove my worth, to show that I was the man. I had to prove I could beat everyone, that I was better. The world wasn’t out to get me; I was sabotaging myself because I was worried that I wasn’t good enough.

The only battles I face now are against myself, but it’s different. I know that the only person I have to compete with is myself, my ego, and the image of who I once thought I needed to be.

If you feel like the world is against you, take a step back, look in the mirror, and acknowledge that you may be the problem.

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