I Won the Lottery

Kaitlin Fergeson sat down to feed Mia this afternoon and turned on HGTV. This show that is on is called "My Lottery Dream Home." Basically, lottery winners looking for their dream while David Bromstad plays realtor and designer. I really wasn't paying much attention as that isn't my thing; give me Fixer Upper over this any day. Mr. Bromstad said something, though, that made me wince. Well, he said many things that did that, but one worthy of me writing about tonight.

Let me set the scene a bit. A couple is looking for a beach house in, I believe, Florida; the budget is $1.5M. Now, don't get me wrong, that isn't chump change, but it's not exactly a mansion based on the locale either. It was a really nice neighborhood, but they weren't being uber extravagant either. Now don't quote me on this, but the host, David, towards the end of the show, says something to the effect of "Maybe you can win the lottery and live in this neighborhood too." I'm sure he said that super well-intentioned, but it rubbed me the wrong way. I can guarantee with all certainty, very few if any, others live in that neighborhood because they won the lottery. It was as if the only way a viewer of the show could make it would be to win.

That's bullshit. First off, over 70% of lottery winners are bankrupt within three years. Secondly, don't sell yourself short; that is such a self-limiting thought.

Did you know the odds of you being born were 1 in 400 TRILLION? Every one of your ancestors lived long enough to reproduce, every circumstance that led to your parent's meeting and procreating, you being the fastest little swimmer to get to that egg first. It's a hell of a long shot that you were even born.

You already won the freaking lottery just being alive. Take that another step; if you are reading this, solid chance, you were born in America. You were born with opportunity everywhere; it just looks like work. People want the spoils of victory without putting in the work it takes.

Get it out of your mind that the only way to make your dreams happen is to win the lottery. The most successful people I know, and I'm talking about "own private jets money," started with nothing. Most come from backgrounds that break most people. You know what they don't ever do? They don't make excuses. They understand that it doesn't matter. They are also grateful for everything they have.

They don't say things like, "If only I could win the lottery." They figure out how to win. I'm building my empire; no inheritance or lottery winnings are required.

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