Pain is Temporary

My son stubbed his toe this morning in the hustle before church. Now, if you had heard his response, you might have thought he broke something. It was a new sensation for him; I don’t think he had experienced it before. He went to “his lady,” as he often calls her for consoling. She, as any experienced mother would do, offered to cut off the toe that plagued him so much. Much to our dismay, he eagerly agreed, so much he asked where the knife was. Note to self; we may not be able to joke with Mac about some things.

Have you ever let a temporary pain cause you to make poor or rushed long term decisions?

Anytime you are faced with a decision that has a lasting impact, it is a good idea to consider your emotions. Sometimes when we are in a better frame of mind, those decisions may be different.

Eat, sleep, and make decisions at your best. Not when you are hungry, tired, and in pain.


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