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The 21 Rules of Money

Updated: Feb 13

1: 70/20/10 - Live on 70% of your income, invest 20% and give away 10%.

2: If you can’t buy something with cash, don’t buy it with credit (other than car or real estate).

3: Have six months of living expenses in cash but no more than that.

4: Don’t waste money.

5: Don’t spend money based on emotion.

6: When investing your money, do your due diligence, then do it again.

7: Think four generations in the future before you spend or invest your money. Will it benefit my children’s children?

8: Never carry a credit card balance unless it’s at 0%.

9: Never have all your money in one account. (Read Profit First if you haven’t)

10: Never have all your money in one investment (unless it’s your first deal).

11: Never spend more than you can truly afford. You have to know what you can afford.

12: Don’t spend money solely to impress others, the Joneses are broke, you just don't know it.

13: Make sure the reward always outweighs the risk.

14: Treat your money as if you worked hard for it, even if you didn’t.

15: Never work for the same dollar twice.

16: Manage and adapt your budget monthly.

17: Know your numbers (this is most people’s biggest issue)

18: If it sounds too good to be true it is, trust me.

19: Inform yourself of how taxes work and pay accordingly, get a good CPA.

20: Never rely on just one source of income, the average millionaire has seven.

21: Spend your time earning money until you can spend your money earning time.

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